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Gate Automatic Openers

Gate Automations
Gate Openers Repair Specialists 
The company has been involved in residential and commercial gate repair services in Maryland Virginia and District of Columbia for 40 plus years now. Besides fixing gates, we also service the  intercom and remote systems for added convenience and safety element to the gate system. Call us and experience what versatile service signifies. 


Call For Rapid Repair: 1-800-794-5201

Our.... technicians are all required to have at least 5 years experience in repairing all brands of commercial and Residential Gates.  Commercial technicians are also required to be proficient at the repair of most name brand automatic gates as well. 

Here are some of the different gates we service daily:

  •     swing gates

  •     sliding gates

  •     pedestrian gates

  •     driveway gates

  •     electric gates

  •     barrier arm gates

  •     Automatic Gates

  •     Turnstiles 


Here are some of the different brands of gates we service daily:

We keep a full line of parts in stock and our techs are experts when it comes to gate repair. 



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